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Hello, I’m Mike, the owner of Mike’s Moving and Hauling Service.

I know my name actually being Mike is very “old school” to some of you, but that’s ok, because although we use modern equipment and methods, the way we show up on time and take care of your belongings is “old school” in that we actually make you a priority and take care of your things.  Heck, we even prefer to talk to you in person or by phone than by email as I actually like to hear your voice and connect a little.

We’ve been providing moving and hauling services of all kinds in and around Marietta Ga, the Greater Atlanta Area and the South Eastern US for 28 years.  We have our own trucks, although if we get super busy or one is in the shop, we do occasionally rent a back-up truck.

Because of our depth and breadth of experience, there’s not much we haven’t done or can’t do that’s related in any way to moving or hauling.  We’re also not “cherry pickers”, meaning you may need us this week to load a pod container out in your driveway, help you pack up the stuff in your garage or even just move a big entertainment center from the upstairs down to the basement…but whatever little project it is, we’re glad to help anyways.  We look at it as a chance to get to know you and show you what we can do…then, when you need something bigger done you’ll know who to call.

For larger jobs, we do come to your home or place of business, but with 28 years of doing this, more often than not, I can give you a fairly tight price range based on cost per hour from over the phone.  If we arrive on site and things are significantly different than what I understood over the phone, well I’ll let you know right then and confirm whether you still want us to go ahead.  At the end of the day, we want to give you the fairest price we can and earn your business, but we also have to cover our costs and stay profitable or we won’t be around to move you in another five years or whenever you need us next :-)

Feel free to check out our A+ rating with the Atlanta Better Business Bureau or call us for some other references you can call.  After 28 years of practice, we feel confident that we’ll end up being your best value and smoothest experience, so call today for an estimate and give us a chance to show you ours stuff and earn your long-term business and referrals!

Looking forward to serving you,

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Mike Scmihdt
Your Expert Mover in Marietta Ga