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Why Move to Marietta Ga

      If you’re not originally from here or lived here for long, life in Marietta Ga may seem too good to be true. But as the 75,000 residents of  City of Marietta and 450,000+ in the Greater Marietta Area already know, this vibrant, diverse and thriving community has earned national recognition many times over the years.  At Mike’s Moving and Hauling we’ve moved hundreds of families into, out of and around Marietta Ga.  Each family has their own special reason for moving to Marietta, and our Marietta movers would like to share a few of those reasons with you.

Marietta had lots to be proud of…

Local citizens, business leaders and government officials are all proud of Marietta’s 2006 title of All-America City.  Only ten communities throughout the nation are chosen from more than 600 applicant cities to receive this special national recognition each year. To apply, Marietta had to do a number of things: show the National Civic League that citizens were actively involved in their community through volunteer and business organizations, government was well-organized and efficient at solving local problems, and future community goals were declared in a clear plan involving the collaboration of citizens, parents, children, the municipality and civic leaders alike!

As an award-winning city, Marietta understands the urgency and importance of proactively controlling and reducing crime, a test that Marietta has passed with flying colors. Through the united effort of three community partnership projects, Marietta government officials and citizens worked together to reduce the city-wide crime rate by twenty-two percent.

The Strategy for Revitalizing Marietta Ga…

At the same time, the Marietta Revitalization Program was initiated to redevelop declining areas and strengthen the sense of community among citizens. By strategically applying an investment totaling well over 335 million dollars, the City of Marietta will continue stabilizing the local housing market in the aftermath of the nationwide housing crisis, boosting school enrollment and facilities, and revitalizing both neighborhoods and community areas for the benefit of all of her citizens.

Marietta is on a mission to put community first, and 2013 will only see an increase in programs, activities, and events for all citizens in Marietta to enjoy.  Leading the way will be the beautiful Marietta Square, surrounded by quaint shops, restaurants and theaters.  There are seasonal activities in the Marietta Square and various parks throughout the area offering something for everyone to do in a family safe environment.  Many say this or the fantastic public schools as one of their primary reasons for moving to Marietta Ga.

The whole Greater Marietta Area is worth checking out…

Ultimately, no matter where your from, have family or single, what age you are, what you do for a living or what you like to do in your free time…we feel confident that if you come and visit, check us out…you’ll very likely end up moving to Marietta Ga and becoming our neighbor.  If you love Marietta but can’t find the apartment or home you’re looking for here, you can always look into Roswell, Woodstock, Kennesaw, Smyrna or Sandy Springs as they’re adjacent townships that although not Marietta, have a lot more in common than they have different.  We’ve served as movers in these communities as well and see why so many would also choose to move there.

When it comes to movers in Marietta Ga, no one knows Marietta and the surrounding areas better than we do at Mike’s Moving and Hauling, a Marietta Ga based mover for 28 years now.  Call us today, 770-977-0144,with any questions, to arrange an estimate or to find out more about this beautiful place, Marietta Ga, that we also call home.

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